NewWe are now live in London!
Faster delivery.Sustainable delivery.More delivery options.
Deliver with Quiver's zero emission certification
It’s what the people want.
What Quiver offers
Immediate Delivery
Your customers receive their orders within 1 hour. Simple.
Delivery Window
Your customer can select a 15 minute slot that suits them.
Same Day Delivery
Delivery made today before 8pm.
Dawn Delivery
Delivery made next day before 7am. Wakeup and it’s there.
Next Day Delivery
Delivery made tomorrow - between 9am and 6pm.
Collect From Store
Your customers can pickup from your store.
We integrate directly with your existing checkout, allowing you to continue to own the experience.You turn on the Quiver Delivery option(s) that you want to offer with a click.
...and it’s all emissionless. 0 CO2 emissions. That’s ZERO.
Where Quiver delivers from
Your Retail Stores
Quiver uses your stores as fulfilment centres. Ship from store. It’s a reality now. We'll inform your retail team to prepare the order, then our courier will arrive, authenticate themselves, and deliver the items direct to the customer's door.
Quiver's Fulfilment Centre
You don’t have a physical shop? We can fulfil your orders from our urban fulfilment centre in central London. Send us your best selling items and let us do the rest. We'll provide you with a dashboard to monitor our inventory levels.
A combination of the two
Let's collaborate on a solution that best suits your customers. Our software is flexible and adaptable; combine your fulfilment preferences with our location prioritisation algorithm to offer the quickest possible delivery times.
How Quiver worksIt's really simple.
Quiver selects the closest locationWe pick the most efficient store or fulfilment centre for delivery; informing the staff to find the item(s) and bag them up.
Quiver courier collects the orderOur courier will arrive at the selected location, authenticate themself and pickup the item(s).
Deliver to the customerWe pride ourselves on “best-in-class” delivery; all our riders are well-trained and aim to provide a truly delightful service.