Frequently Asked Questions
What's required before getting started?
To begin working together, Quiver first needs to know some information which you can provide to us via a form here or by emailing We need to know:
  • If you're looking to use Quiver Delivery from your store(s) and/or Quiver Fulfilment;
  • The address of your store(s);
  • The Quiver Delivery services that you're keen to use;
  • Your expected # of deliveries per week & average order value;
  • Contact details for your point of contact.
What happens if Quiver is unable to deliver within 1 hour? If we're unable to deliver your customer's order within their selected time frame, Quiver will provide the customer with a full refund of the delivery fee. Your customer will receive this from us directly.
How does payment work?
This depends on how you have integrated with our Delivery API.
  • Shopify - payment is made from you to us automatically by Shopify.
  • Direct - Quiver will invoice you biweekly for the fees generated in the associated 14 day period. Payment is expected via bank transfer within 14 days of receipt of the invoice.
How should orders be prepared in store? Simply bag the item(s) up as you would if they were an in-store customer. No need to prepare orders any differently. We'll make sure your goods get there safely.
Who is the Quiver courier? Quiver's couriers are well-trained employees of Quiver. We understand that our couriers will be associated with your brand and we take this seriously. Neat, tidy, clean and courteous are some of the words that customers associate with Quiver couriers.
What vehicles do Quiver couriers use? Quiver couriers make deliveries via a range of emissionless, sustainable vehicles - electric vans and electric cargo bikes are Quiver's most used vehicles.
What cities will you be expanding into next?
A great question! We're currently only operating in London but hope to be able to provide our service in Paris, Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm and Berlin soon. If you'd like us to launch somewhere, email and let him know!